Can Sentient AI Break the Law?

Google software engineer Blake Lemoine claims that the company’s LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) chatbot is sentient — and that he can prove it. The company recently placed Lemoine on leave after he released transcripts he says show that LaMDA can understand and express thoughts and emotions at the level of […]

Content Management Systems- 15 Best CMS for 2023

Content management systems (CMS) are software programs designed to help webmasters manage their content online. These programs allow users to create, edit, publish, and organize content without having to manually enter data. CMSs can be used to build websites, blogs, social networking sites, e-commerce stores, etc. There are many different […]

Still the best in the business?

Robert Triggs / Android Authority Although predominantly focused on its Chinese home market these days, Huawei has a new release for Western audiences in the flagship Mate 50 Pro. Pricing it at a hefty £1,199/€1,199, Huawei still wishes to compete with Apple and Samsung hardware, but you have to scrutinize […]

You can now sign up for Telegram without a SIM

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority TL;DR Telegram’s latest update lets you sign up for the service without a SIM card. This feature takes advantage of anonymous phone numbers. Telegram has a reputation for bringing plenty of features to the table ahead of WhatsApp, such as multiple account support, channels, and […]