Google’s Vertex AI Vision brings no-code to computer vision

Jean J. Sanders

Developing and deploying vision AI applications is complex and expensive. Organizations need data scientists and machine learning engineers to build training and inference pipelines based on unstructured data such as images and videos. With the acute shortage of skilled machine learning engineers, building and integrating intelligent vision AI applications has […]

New Pixel Fold leaks show one wide foldy boi

TL;DR A reliable source has leaked Pixel Fold renders and a 360-degree video. The source also disclosed apparent dimensions, suggesting the foldable is larger than previously rumored. The Google Pixel Fold has been in the works for a while now, but we got our first apparent peek at the device […]

Digital Rights for Digital Consumers

The use of digital technology in our daily life has been the most important thing at present time. Digitization of government and private services has become almost mandatory. It helps to make economic transactions, education, health care, and government services more technologically friendly and accessible for all. However, as the […]

Meta unplugs Connectivity division, home of satellite and drone internet experiments • TechCrunch

Meta has quietly reabsorbed the resources of its “Connectivity” division, the company confirmed. For nearly 10 years, this was the home of the former Facebook’s experimental internet and telecoms efforts, from satellites (exploded) to drones (crashed) to apps (disputed) and other more traditional infrastructure (appreciated and ongoing). As first noted […]

How Porsche Developed a Digital Twin – Grape Up

NASA used a precursor to these technologies to bring the Apollo 13 astronauts back to Earth. Lockheed Martin claims these types of solutions are one of six game-changing technologies in the defense industry. The opinion-forming Gartner includes them in its list of ten strategic technologies that can streamline corporate decision-making […]

How to Delete Wallpaper on iOS 16?

iOS 16 came up with many features in terms of customization, especially regarding the lock screen. With the new wallpaper user interface, you get to make so many changes as per your desire but still under the limitations set by Apple Design. With the addition of widgets and different home […]