Your Reader’s Choice winner is…

Ryan Haines / Android Authority In all the years we’ve been doing a Reader’s Choice Award at Android Authority, we’ve never had a race this exciting. There were multiple twists we didn’t expect and the final winner won by one of the slimmest margins we’ve ever seen. In the end, though, […]

A Few New Search Tools from Google

Jean J. Sanders

Those of you who use Chrome as your primary web browser on your computer or phone, that’s 75% of all readers of according to my Google Analytics account, may notice a few new search tools the next time you update your browser.  Yesterday afternoon Google announced new search shortcuts for […]

Why Python is catching on with business analysts

Jean J. Sanders

With data more critical than ever to companies’ success, Python is spreading beyond the realm of data professionals and being adopted by business analysts and other less technical users. But what are the opportunities if you’re relatively new to Python and what best practices should you be aware of to […]

WordCamp Kathmandu 2022 is set For 3rd & 4th of September

Jean J. Sanders

wcktm2022 After a long pandemic break, WordCamp Kathmandu is finally happening this year…… Previously in the pandemic meetup, WordPress Kathmandu announced The Ujwal Thapa scholarship. It will be announced at WordCamp Kathmandu 2022 in honor of the late Ujwal Thapa’s contributions to the WordPress community. There may be fewer of […]