OLED MacBook Air Rumored For 2024 Release

Apple is again rumored to be working on a new 13-inch MacBook Air that would use an OLED display for the first time. Current MacBook Air notebooks use LCD screens, but that could be about to change. The report, via display industry analyst Ross Young who posted to his Twitter […]

Android 13 is Landing on Your TV

Android 13 has been available in a handful of phones from makers like Google, OnePlus, and Samsung for some time now, but being Android, it’ll naturally make its way to lots of other devices as well. It’s next stop? It’ll soon arrive on your smart TV as well. Google has […]

The best Verizon deals of the holiday season

Jean J. Sanders

Verizon is the biggest US carrier, with great coverage and a decent selection of phones. But finding the best Verizon savings shouldn’t have to be a trawl for those seeking a new device but looking for the best deal possible. In this post, we’ve put together the best Verizon deals […]

Daily Authority: 📱 Pick your phone of the year

Jean J. Sanders

Robert Triggs / Android Authority 🌞 Good morning! Today, our intro is written by ChatGPT, the new AI chatbot everyone’s talking about (more on that below). Interesting, but I don’t think we’re at risk of being replaced by AI quite yet… “Hello, Daily Authority readers! Here’s something you might not […]