The Dangers of Online Gaming (Ultimate Guide)

In this digital age, even gaming has been digitized. Various games can be accessed and enjoyed by children online. Free or paid, like in traditional gaming, such online/video games come in different forms – from adventure simulation mobile app games to interactive video games to equipment-operated online gaming. With the […]

They’re Taking Jigsaw Puzzles to Infinity and Beyond

Jean J. Sanders

PALENVILLE, N.Y. — On a meandering mushroom hunt at North-South Lake in the Catskill Mountains of New York, Jessica Rosenkrantz spotted a favorite mushroom: the hexagonal-pored polypore. Ms. Rosenkrantz is partial to life-forms that are different from humans (and from mammals generally), although two of her favorite humans joined on […]

US Expected to Announce Major Achievement in Nuclear Fusion

Jean J. Sanders

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. (Credit: bluebay2014/iStock/Getty Images)The US Department of Energy is expected to announce a major scientific breakthrough on Tuesday amid rumors of groundbreaking nuclear fusion research. A lab in Livermore, California has reportedly produced a nuclear fusion […]

MacPaw Products Review – Digital Addicts

Jean J. Sanders

As manufacturers and developers try to further unravel the capabilities and promises of technology, a fair share of advantages and disadvantages are unlocked along with it. Apparently, certain threats and risks arise every time a new possibility or opportunity is explored. It seems that consumers – malicious users – always […]