CSV package for Node.js version 6

Version 6 of the csv package for Node.js is released along its sub projects. Here are the latest versions: csv version 6.0.0, latest version was 5.5.3 csv-generate version 4.0.0, latest version was 3.4.3 csv-parse version 5.0.0, latest version was 4.16.3 csv-stringify version 6.0.0, latest version was 5.6.5 stream-transform version 4.0.0, […]

How Can An NFT Art Marketplace Like SuperRare Be Created?

Jean J. Sanders

Introduction An NFT marketplace devoted to tokenizing art is called SuperRare. Through a transparent infrastructure, artists are developing NFTs for their work and receiving payments. This NFT marketplace makes sophisticated use of the Ethereum Blockchain to provide ownership information, bidding information, and transaction history. SuperRare gives artists the option to […]

Metaverse fashion, and looser covid rules in China

Jean J. Sanders

Fashion creator Jenni Svoboda is designing a beanie with a melted cupcake top, sprinkles, and doughnuts for ears. But this outlandish accessory isn’t destined for the physical world—Svoboda is designing for the metaverse. She’s working in a burgeoning, if bizarre, new niche: fashion stylists who create or curate outfits for […]