Using UI Animation To Amp Up Your Website

Introduction Nowadays, the Internet has become home to many websites. In fact, a lot of websites now look slicker and more attractive. The secret? UI animation! Rather than opt for plain graphics, colors, and designs, websites are looking to attract online users. That’s where UI animation comes in. People will […]

Final Fantasy XIV: The Strongest Primals

Jean J. Sanders

Primals are powerful beings, the embodiment of human hopes and aspirations. Many of them are well-known to veterans of Final Fantasy 14: Ifrit, Shiva, Odin, and Bahamut. They always serve one purpose – to bring down a hail of special effects on enemies. If you have never played Final Fantasy […]

Computer Science Students Face a Shrinking Big Tech Job Market

Jean J. Sanders

In the past, tech companies used their internship programs to recruit promising job candidates, extending offers to many students to return as full-time employees after graduation. But this year, those opportunities are shrinking. Amazon, for instance, hired about 18,000 interns this year, paying some computer science students nearly $30,000 for […]

The best AT&T deals of the holidays

Jean J. Sanders

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority AT&T holiday deals AT&T has a wide-ranging selection of extra deals on offer for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period. You can browse the full lineup of offers here, but if you’re short on time, then here are a few highlights: The best AT&T […]