SOLID Design Principles in C# with helpful examples

Jean J. Sanders

Introduction Hi readers! This time, I have brought the new C# topic on ‘Solid Design Principles in C#’ along with some valuable examples. Here, we will be discussing ‘C# Solid Design Principles’ along with some valuable examples that are based on various .net applications including Web API, ASP.NET MVC, and […]

How Businesses Can Overcome Cybersecurity Challenges

Jean J. Sanders

Is your small business trying to overcome cybersecurity challenges, but having a difficult time? Here are some helpful tips for how your business can get over there obstacles! Many businesses make lots of their sales online. They can also use the internet to attract customers through digital marketing. The internet […]

The Pros of Using a TikTok Video Downloader

Jean J. Sanders

A “TikTok video downloader,” for those who aren’t acquainted with the word, is a tool that users of the popular video-sharing app may utilise to their benefit. It’s a programme that allows users to download videos from TikTok without paying for them. Unfortunately, the great majority of people are not […]

Expected and Prominent Social Exposure Online 


Your social media presence might help you feel powerful and well-liked. It is the most reliable platform to help you establish a successful business. The number of users on Facebook and Instagram can reach billions. These are the ones who can give you better commercial support in an entirely good […]

Essential Strategy For Big Data | DataDrivenInvestor

Jean J. Sanders

November 22, 2022 2 min read Machines complement humans. Data is multifaceted, and making sense of it demands a fresh approach with ancient roots “Mega biblia, mega kakon” (Big books, big evil) — Callimachus. When producing data was a significant problem, humongous work went into preserving, translating, and maintaining the meaning and significance. […]

Developing Software for Connected Cars – Grape Up

Jean J. Sanders

Automotive is transforming into a hyper-connected, software-driven industry that goes far beyond the driving experience. How to build applications in such an innovative environment? What are the main challenges of providing software for connected cars and how to deal with them? Let’s dive into the process of utilizing the capabilities […]