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The alleged Buffalo gunman seems to have kept a thorough electronic log of his functions while scheduling the attack. Researchers are understanding a lot more about his progression into violence and pink flags.


Extremism researchers are scouring as a result of the on-line footprint thought to be joined to the accused Buffalo gunman. Amongst the components is a practically 600-web site printout of a log from an on line chat system. It reads like a variety of diary of the months main up to the attack.

NPR’s domestic extremism correspondent Odette Yousef has done the tough do the job and examine it and joins us now. And a warning, some may possibly find factors of this discussion disturbing. Odette, you have go through this. What particularly is in this printed document?

ODETTE YOUSEF, BYLINE: Effectively, Emily, it really is a Discord chat log that’s thought to be authored by the accused shooter, starting off from about 6 months in the past. And areas of it examine form of like a stream of consciousness. In it, the creator shares quite specific facts about how he obtained the tools and weaponry for the assault and tested it out. He cuts and pastes a whole lot from exterior resources when it comes to his racist and anti-Semitic ideologies. And then there was the mundane, like his physical exercise regime and meals intake.

FENG: And this was just all posted on the internet?

YOUSEF: Certainly. It was one of various inbound links that had been shared right before the assault. Now, Discord has taken down this server, but as we know, nothing really disappears from the web.

It can be important to be aware that the author right here wished us to see this report, Emily. He wrote it. He edited it. And it presents his individual narrative. And it should really be taken with a higher degree of skepticism.

FENG: Who was the intended audience for this? Do we know who examine this when it was on line?

YOUSEF: Effectively, a Discord spokesperson says that nobody else saw this log until eventually 30 minutes in advance of the attack started, when a modest group of people, they mentioned, quote, “were invited to and joined the server.” But this is basically just 1 of a lot of questions that this history raises.

Kesa White is at American College. She’s an extremism researcher who’s seemed at this log quite a few occasions. She told me she is most intrigued in info that is missing.

KESA WHITE: Certain dates are missing. It can be variety of like, why did he delete this whole portion? What was there? Is it it’s possible anyone was privy to, like, this data? Is it some thing that could have been, like, an intervention point?

FENG: Intervention points – so did the log recommend that there ended up some crimson flags that many others could have picked up on and intervened on?

YOUSEF: Properly, the author of this document talks continuously about a want to kill himself. You know, there’s a noteworthy occasion from a yr ago, wherever he was despatched to an ER following indicating on a college assignment that he was ideating murder or suicide. At that issue, he says he was previously pondering about an assault, and so he lied and explained he was not suicidal, which is why he thinks he was able to obtain guns. That could have been an intervention issue.

Yet another point – he describes a disturbing episode in which he chased and decapitated a cat and then writes that his mom served him bury it. So there are plenty of thoughts, of course, about his parents’ consciousness.

And finally, the author’s preparations for this assault turned so all-consuming, he stopped heading to school courses, Emily, and finally disenrolled. So there are issues about whether or not school administrators missed a purple flag as properly.

FENG: After this assault, men and women are asking what differentiates folks who commit violence versus other folks who don’t, even if they all have very similar extremist views? Following looking at this doc, do you have any insight to that issue?

YOUSEF: Nicely, you know, we are seeing this unique explained as a lone wolf, which is normally the circumstance just after terrorist attacks. I spoke with Emerson Brooking at the Atlantic Council about this. And he claimed that it may well properly be that 1 man or woman planned and executed this assault. We’ll know more as the investigation continues.

EMERSON BROOKING: The strategies have been not his very own. He took from other people today a great deal of his inspiration. And in that vein, he was portion of this broader, decentralized, white supremacist and white ethno-nationalist movement that has gained these ground on the web due to the fact at least 2016.

YOUSEF: So, you know, items like the belief that he internalized that violence was the only alternative, his distrust of authorities like medical doctors who could have helped him – all individuals concepts are component of movements that we now see attaining increased acceptance in American society.

FENG: NPR’s domestic extremism correspondent Odette Yousef. Thank you.

YOUSEF: You might be welcome.

FENG: If you or an individual you know may possibly be taking into consideration suicide, make contact with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or the Crisis Text Line by texting household to 741741.

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