How do you share files between your PC and phone?

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There are quite a few ways to share files between your PC and phone these days, giving you more options than the old reliable wired connection.

How do you share files between your PC and phone, though? Do you still stick to wired transfers? Do you prefer cloud-based transfers? Whatever the case may be, you can let us know via the poll below and leave a comment if you’d like to elaborate.

How do you share files between your phone and PC?

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Wired connections are the most reliable method, and they’re often the fastest too. But it isn’t 100% seamless given the need to plug things in. Meanwhile, email-based sharing is pretty painless for documents and a few photos but can be extremely slow for large files.

There are other wireless-based sharing methods though, such as Nearby Share, Microsoft’s Link to Windows feature, Pushbullet, FTP functionality, and more. But some of these methods require either a Chromebook (Nearby Share) or a specific phone brand (Link to Windows).

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