Rad Power Rad Trike is a 3-wheeled car replacement

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  • The Rad Power Rad Trike is the company’s newest — and most requested — electric bike.
  • It has a huge payload capacity of 415 pounds and even goes in reverse. It’s designed to be a true car replacement.
  • The Rad Trike is available for pre-order now in the US for $2,499.

For most people, a standard e-bike is going to do them just fine. However, for some folks, a two-wheeled bike just isn’t enough to do what their car does, which prevents them from replacing car rides with e-bike rides.

Well, those people now have a product catered just for them. The new Rad Power Rad Trike is a three-wheeled e-bike that the company says is its most-requested product. It is specifically designed to act as a car-replacement vehicle. Everything about its design screams, “use me instead of your car.”

The most notable feature of the e-bike is its payload capacity, which is a whopping 415 pounds. That’s more than enough for you, a heavy backpack, your groceries, a lunchbox, and anything else you would usually have in your car.

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Rad Power Rad Trike

Rad Power Rad Trike Lifestyle 2

Another notable feature of the Rad Trike that you don’t find on many e-bikes is a reverse function. This is operated via a button on the left hand grip. On the right, the usual Rad Power throttle allows you to push forward without any pedaling. The usual five-level pedal assist system (PAS) also carries over from other Rad Power bikes.

Obviously, a vehicle like this shouldn’t be stored outdoors without some sort of cover. For those riders who need to bring it inside, the Trike’s width is slim enough to fit through most exterior doors, which should make storage simple. The bike also partially folds down to make storage even more versatile.

Rad Power Rad Trike Infographic

Rad Power says the Rad Trike should get about 20 to 35 miles out of each charge. However, Rad Power’s estimates for the Rad City 5 Plus were a bit conservative if you’re open to doing some pedaling, so some riders could see much more than that estimate.

You can pick up a Rad Power Rad Trike today in the United States for $2,499.

Rad Power Rad Trike

Rad Power Rad Trike

Supports 415 pounds • Goes in reverse • Easy to ride

The Rad Power Rad Trike could replace most of your car rides

If you’ve wanted an e-bike but don’t feel comfortable riding a two-wheeler or simply want more cargo room, the Rad Power Rad Trike is worth a look. It can carry up to 415 pounds, folds, goes in reverse, fits through most exterior doors, and is relatively inexpensive when compared to the general e-bike market.

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