See KFC’s first campaign since its marketing overhaul

Jean J. Sanders

The new campaign highlights what marketplace gurus see as the brand’s strengths—its appeal to family members, its management in rooster and its wide variety of menu alternatives and sides that maintain different appeals to distinct people.

The spot focuses on buyers dining at house whose thoughts engage in dialogue with the voice-around of Colonel Sanders. A person lost in believed is about to bite into a rooster sandwich. A Colonel Sanders voice-around asks, “Is that burger-joint rooster?” That attracts a fifty percent-hearted “yeah” from the guy, right before zooming to an energized lady in the similar instant. “Is that Kentucky Fried Rooster?” the voice-around suggests. “Which is finger-lickin’ superior.”

The spot then moves to people gathered at their supper tables. As they love their foodstuff, their ideas dialogue with the Colonel Sanders voice-around. “Sometimes I bribe my children with fries and mac and cheese,” the mom claims. “That’s finger-lickin’ fantastic,” the Colonel replies. “I like to gently squeeze the bun ahead of I get a bite,” suggests a guy with a chicken sandwich in his arms. “Little unusual,” the Colonel claims, “but which is finger-lickin’ excellent.” A further buyer confesses an affinity for dunking rooster tenders in mashed potatoes. Eventually, the advert returns to the initially man, who seems extra upbeat. “I bought a new sandwich … yeah, that is finger-lickin’ great.” 


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