The Fastest US Carrier Keeps Getting Faster

In October, T-Mobile continued its reign of high-speed dominance here in the US. This month, it has announced that it is getting even faster, thanks to the launch of a new layer of 1900MHz mid-band UC (ultra capacity) 5G spectrum nationwide, which should ultimately result in increased speed and performance for customers.

In total, T-Mobile’s 5G footprint now covers around 323 million people, but they aren’t done yet. On top of that news, T-Mobile announced that it has reached its year-end goal of covering at least 260 million people with ultra capacity 5G, with a new goal of covering 300 million people by the end of 2023 now set.

For those looking to achieve the greatest wireless speeds, it appears as though you’ll want a Galaxy S22 device. According to T-Mobile, it has begun green lighting its three-carrier aggregation, which combines three channels of mid-band 5G spectrum and beams it right to your phone. In T-Mobile’s own testing, peak speeds are reported to be topping 3Gbps. You obviously won’t see these speeds everywhere, but in select locations across the US, you will. With that said, the carrier does state that this three-carrier aggregation will expand nationwide and be accessible on other devices in the “near future.”

Speed is good.

// T-Mobile

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