The first photo of Samsung’s smart wireless charger spotted

Samsung SmartThings logo IFA 2022

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  • Samsung has filed an FCC application for its new smart wireless charger.
  • The application includes a photo that gives us our first look at the device.
  • The documents say it has Zigbee and WPT capabilities with Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Samsung has been working on a smart wireless charger called SmartThings Station. However, nothing was known about the potentially first-of-its-kind device. But thanks to a patent application submitted to the FCC, we now have some details to go on.

Discovered by SamMobile, Samsung has submitted an application to the FCC that includes not only device specs, but also a photo of the SmartThings Station.

The photo isn’t necessarily meant to show off the gadget, but rather the radiation patterns it emits, which is why you see all of that geometry in the image. Nevertheless, it gives us our first look at that SmartThings Station.

Samsung SmartThings Station

As you can see in the photo, there’s nothing particularly remarkable about the device visually. It’s a black, square-shaped slab with rounded corners. But it’s difficult to get a good look with everything in the way.

Moving on to the details, the device reportedly comes with the model number EP-P9500, which is similar to the model number naming conventions Samsung uses for its other wireless chargers. The documents also reveal that the product has Zigbee and wireless power transfer (WPT) capabilities with Bluetooth LE, and Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac connectivity.

What’s not included with the application, unfortunately, is any information about how fast the device is able to charge. There’s also no mention of when Samsung plans on releasing the SmartThings Station.

It’s unclear how Samsung is planning on using this device to enhance the SmartThings platform experience. Will it allow you to control wireless charging remotely or do something else? We’ll just have to wait for more information to come out.

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