The Pros & Cons of Optimizely

Jean J. Sanders
The Pros & Cons of Optimizely

Popular software for doing A/B tests and customization campaigns is Optimizely. To assist businesses in optimising their websites, mobile applications, and other digital platforms, it provides a range of tools and capabilities. But Optimizely has advantages and disadvantages just like any other programme. We will examine the benefits and drawbacks of utilising Optimizely in this blog post.

Pros of Optimizely

Easy to use: The simplicity of usage is one of Optimizely’s greatest benefits. Users of the platform can build tests and campaigns without any technical knowledge thanks to its user-friendly interface. A drag-and-drop editor is also available, which makes it simple to create variations for A/B tests and personalization campaigns.

Robust testing capabilities: A/B testing, multivariate testing, and split URL testing are just a few of the testing features that Optimizely provides. Businesses can experiment with several versions of their website or app using these testing methods to see which ones perform the best.

Personalization options: Optimizely offers customisation possibilities in addition to testing capabilities. Based on their behaviour, tastes, and other data points, businesses can use the platform to offer personalised experiences to their customers.

Integration with other tools: Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Marketo are just a few of the additional tools that Optimizely can be integrated with. Through this connection, firms may combine their optimisation efforts with other marketing initiatives to get a fuller picture of their target market.

Support and resources: To assist businesses make the most of the platform, Optimizely provides a number of resources. Customer assistance, a community forum, and a knowledge base are included in this.

Cons of Optimizely

Expensive: The platform bases its fees on how many people use a website or app, and for heavily trafficked websites, those fees may mount up quickly.

Limited customization options: Although Optimizely offers a wide range of testing and customization possibilities, the platform has some restrictions on personalisation. Businesses can discover that they can’t fully tailor their trials or campaigns to suit their unique requirements.

Limited reporting capabilities: Comparatively speaking to other platforms, Optimizely’s reporting features are restricted. Businesses can discover that in order to gain a more complete picture of their optimisation efforts, they need to export data to other tools like Google Analytics.

Limited integrations: Although Optimizely integrates with many different products, not all the tools used by enterprises may be among them. Due to this, integrating optimisation efforts with other marketing initiatives and obtaining a comprehensive understanding of clients may be challenging.

Requires technical implementation: Even though Optimizely features an intuitive user interface, companies could still need to engage technical personnel to set up the platform. Businesses that lack internal technical resources or do not want to spend in acquiring external resources may find this to be a hurdle.


Optimizely is a strong platform for optimising websites, mobile apps, and other digital channels. To aid companies in their optimisation efforts, it provides a range of testing and customising options, as well as integration with other tools and resources. The platform, however, can be pricey, has a limited amount of customization and reporting options, and might need technical deployment. To decide whether Optimizely is the best tool for your optimisation needs, get in touch with Ultimedia to consider the uses of the platform for your business. 

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