Web Hosting vs. Website Builder: Understanding The Differences

Web Hosting vs. Website Builder: Understanding The Differences

The theory of creating and running a website seems pretty straightforward. But in practical understanding, the different aspects of a website can be confusing if you have yet to handle one. 

Some concepts may sound similar but mean and work entirely differently from each other, and two such popular concepts are web hosting and website builders. 

Several web hosting and domain providers offer their customers website builders and hosting plans. Although both concepts serve the significant aspects of a website, their role is entirely different; therefore, it is crucial to understand them thoroughly. 

Therefore, this article will explore the critical difference between Website Hosting and Website Builder so one can choose the best NZ Website Builder for creating your website.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a hosting technology that provides resources that effectively secure website operations. In addition, they support the smooth functioning of the server, privacy, and security aspects and ensure that all the data is communicated effectively to your customer’s browser.

How does web hosting work?

Web hosting provides and maintains the server that supports all files, data, and content reflected on the website. When you enable a web hosting service, you rent a space on this physical space where you can store the files and data required for your website to work appropriately. 

And as and when a customer enters your domain name in their browser, the web host shall communicate and load your data on the website.

What is a Web Builder?

A website builder is like software that helps to build a website without technical knowledge. Earlier, building a website was a complicated job that required a knowledge of coding and skills, but with the website builder, everything is creative and intuitive.

How does Website Builder work?

A website builder has pre-designed templates through which you build and customize your website from scratch by just dragging and dropping.

The features offered by different NZ website builders may vary. Still, all are formed to create a website that is easily customized and experimented with, offering different elements to create something unique.

Difference between Website hosting and Website Builder

  1. Website hosting is not a conditional option but mandatory for all websites, whereas a website builder is optional.
  2. Website hosting is more on technical aspects, whereas website building takes charge of creative aspects.
  3. Web hosting focus on your website accessibility consistency and load time, whereas website builders focus on website creation and design
  4. Website hosting stores your website files, whereas web builders give control over your website’s looks.
  5. The best website builders ensure that your website is designed efficiently, whereas web hosting ensures that file files are stored and accessed when requested through the browser.
  6. Website hosting can affect website performance, whereas website builders can affect customer response.
  7. Website hosting is a broader concept than website builders.
  8. Website hosting offers customizable packages with different hosting plans, whereas website holder offers customizable templates for designing websites.


It is crucial to make an understanding with regards to the difference between these two concepts, especially if you are someone who is planning to have a website. 

Most people need clarification on both concepts because they are packaged together, creating confusion if you are not familiar with the roles each plays. Still, both are important and offer distinct services. 

Also, web hosting and website builders play crucial roles in creating and maintaining a thriving website.

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