Edifier R1700BTs Wireless Speakers: Review

Jean J. Sanders

Bookshelf/desktop lively speaker. Bluetooth. From this century. Not just this century, but this decade.

If you have go through any of my Exit To Classic Street columns, you’ll know this is not my jam. If I could dwell in my mid-century, basement listening room 24/7, surrounded by wood panelling and shag carpet, with seem emanating from pre-1980, full-sized audio factors I’d be a pleased person.

Unfortunately, there are expenses to pay and data to be acquired, and not much perform would get done down there. So Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 4:30, I retreat to my residence office environment upstairs. A transformed spare bed room with no room for a entire-sized audio program, but still a motivation to have something participating in in the history. What to do?

Enter the Edifier R1700BTs.

Edifier R1700BTs Active Wireless Speakers Pair
R1700BTs Pair: They are instead attractive!

Edifier can make a range of audio output equipment, which include headphones and speakers. Speakers selection from compact desktop laptop speakers at $30/pair to the flagship $2,100 Airpulse A300Pro (with horn-loaded ribbon tweeter, cherry wood end, and extra inputs than you can shake a adhere at).

What is in the Box?

The $180 R1700BTs active speakers sit someplace in the vicinity of the middle of Edifier’s bookshelf speaker line-up. Modest for a bookshelf and significant for a desktop, they stand 10 inches tall, 6 inches vast and just beneath 8 inches deep.

Edifier R1700BTs Wireless Speakers Pair
Entrance Watch: Comfortable dome tweeter, woofer, port.

The front-ported cabinets attribute a 3/4-inch soft dome tweeter and 4-inch woofer, an inner amplifier that output 15 watts per channel, with 52Hz to 20kHz frequency reaction. 

The cabinets are made from MDF wooden with a walnut-vinyl end (created to reduce resonance) and attribute detachable grille addresses.

Seem controls, inputs and outputs are located on the appropriate speaker. Dials on the aspect panel enable bass, treble, and volume adjustment pressing the volume dial toggles involving inputs. The controls are recessed into the speaker physique, and are concealed when viewing from the front and will not snag on anything at all by accident.

Edifier R1700BTs Wireless Speaker Controls
Controls: Recessed controls is a pleasant contact.

Input is by means of RCA (two Line-In inputs on the back of the speaker) or Bluetooth V5.. Link to the passive left speaker is via a provided 4-pin speaker cable. There is also a sub-out (by way of 3.5mm jack) that quickly detects a subwoofer and activates the electronic crossover.

Edifier R1700BTs Wireless Speaker Rear
Rear: Various inputs and outputs.

Ultimately, a wireless distant enables for quantity adjustment, mute/unmute, enter change, and soundfield extension manage. The soundfield extension (or “Soundfield Spatializer”) simulates a more substantial soundstage, making a far more spacious sound by optimizing each individual channel, sending out opposite signals to get rid of mutual interference and make improvements to separation.

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Edifier R1700BTs Wireless Speakers Remote Control
Remote: Established phasers to “Soundfield Spatializer!”


I’ve made use of the Edifier R1700BT speakers in a variety of options in the 6 months I’ve had them as Television speakers (as a substitute of a soundbar), as journey speakers on weekend getaways, and in my household workplace. I’ve also tried them briefly in my dwelling space and basement audio space in location of my normal, full-sized devices.

Though great for reduced level track record tunes in a more substantial area, there is a deficiency of bass, fullness, and room-filling vitality seem is rather skinny and directional, and my experiments in these spaces had been of only constrained period. The “spatializer” setting increases overall body and dynamics a bit, but not enough to be certainly gratifying.

Edifier R1700BTs Wireless Speakers with TV
Tv set Speakers: An advancement on the crafted-ins.

As Television set speakers changing the developed-in audio output on our 55-inch Sharp, they did a fantastic work, including depth and dynamics to the viewing encounter. We’re not major residence theatre buffs (no encompass method listed here), but the R1700BTs gave satisfactory two-channel seem enhancements, and I can visualize incorporating a sub to the combine would be even additional outstanding.

Edifier R1700BTs Wireless Speakers on Dresser
Resort Home: Have speakers, will vacation.

As journey speakers, they are outstanding. I’ve saved the unique box and inserts, and packing and set-up of the two speakers, speaker relationship cable, ability cable and distant command requires just minutes on possibly close of the motor vehicle trip. Bluetooth relationship is reliable, and in no time we can have audio operating from a mobile phone or notebook. Sound quality is dependent on space dimensions, but hotel stays really don’t see me carrying out a good deal of targeted listening (and to be sincere, we’re not staying in cavernous suites when we head to the mountains for a several nights).

Wherever the R1700BTs run speakers really glow is in a tiny area like a property business in a around field setup. The front surface area of just about every speaker is sloped backwards and drivers are marginally up-experiencing, which is excellent for placement on a desk around the listener on both side of a keep track of.

My home place of work desk is on the little side, with numerous screens and a notebook stand using up most useable place, so I have the speakers on a tall boy to the ideal of my desk, about 5 feet absent from me as I get the job done. This is not ideal as the speakers are earlier mentioned in which I’m sitting down, and I overlook out on the stereo influence, but audio excellent is however extremely satisfactory.

Edifier R1700BTs Wireless Speakers in Office
Business Procedure: Even with non-excellent placement, audio is satisfactory.

If I had to gripe about the R1700BTs, it would be about the deficiency of USB input (my desire would be to link my laptop that way somewhat than Bluetooth), and a extremely lengthy cable to join the remaining and right speakers (it would be wonderful to involve a small cable as very well for desktop/around-field use).

I pay attention to a ton of subdued, instrumental classical chamber music and tiny-team jazz although I do the job. Highs and midrange are sent with great clarity and definition the gentle-dome tweeter does a really pleasant position offering glassy, bright piano, plucky, twangy guitar, shimmery higher hats and snares, and textured brass and strings.

I would not contact bass abundant, but it is not absolutely lacking both, especially when the speakers are placed in a couple of inches of a wall. The decreased midrange and higher bass are gratifying but can get a bit muddy if there’s a great deal likely on, and there’s no sub-bass to speak of, although that’s not astonishing with just a 4-inch woofer. Those people into gaming (or little-place dance get-togethers) can make use of the sub-out capabilities to remedy that trouble.

Edifier R1700BTs Wireless Speakers on Desktop
Seeking Excellent: Not your father’s computer system speaker.


The Edifier R1700BTs are functional very little speakers that shine in compact areas. The general sound good quality is much more than suitable for an place of work, near-area gaming or Television setup, with or devoid of a sub. They are effortless to pack and set up, and do not take up much too a lot area generating them a wonderful answer for a highway-trip lodge seem technique together with phone or laptop (by using Bluetooth) or other audio source (by means of line in).


  • Seem high quality is fantastic in tiny spaces, particularly with “spacializer” engaged.
  • Glance far better and feel much more sizeable than standard “computer speakers.”
  • Multiple inputs for versatility, and capacity to add a sub.


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  • Little bit lacking in bass, and audio slender in big areas.
  • No USB enter (Bluetooth only for Laptop use).
  • Speaker connector cable is also prolonged.

In which to purchase: $179.99 at Amazon

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