Crypto thieves rob adorable digital animal game for more than $617M

Jean J. Sanders

Axie Infinity looks like a cross in between a Tamagotchi and Pokémon, a “digital pet universe where players battle, increase, and trade fantasy creatures termed Axies,” creatures that happen to be NFTs. A February 2022 writeup by described it as “the enjoy-to-make NFT sport having crypto by storm,” but in a shocking enhancement the sport has now been taken by hackers, to the tune of far more than $600 million—making it 1 of the biggest crypto heists of all time.

Axie will make use of Ronin, a “sidechain” built exclusively for the match that enables buyers to access the Ethereum blockchain with no shelling out a lot of of the common transaction fees. A sidechain, as outlined by HackerNoon, is “a different blockchain that is connected to its mother or father blockchain applying a two-way peg [that] permits interchangeability of belongings at a predetermined amount involving the father or mother blockchain and the sidechain.”

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