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The Spectrum network is a part of Charter Communications. It was designed to offer TV services to the American population. Currently, Spectrum network is the second-largest TV service provider in the nation, the US. Spectrum TV service was basically designed for the pre-existing subscribers or Spectrum Internet. It has been offered to the consumers as an alternative to the other competing over-the-top OTT services, which may appeal to as well as target Spectrum consumers.


The Spectrum streaming service allows the customers of Spectrum to stream Spectrum live TV. It also allows for the streaming of on-demand titles. Spectrum TV streaming service offers a wide channel variety from the cable line up. The customer gains all the benefits of the Spectrum cable TV service. Along with the benefits of the cable TV service, the customer also receives the benefits of being able to indulge in their favorite TV shows anytime from anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection. However, the biggest possible advantage, in this case, is that the cost of Spectrum TV service is much nominal than what one would pay for pay-TV service.


The spectrum TV network has three different TV plans for their customers. These plans are those Spectrum select, silver, and gold plans. For the people who wish to stay entertained on the move via the use of their mobiles or tablets color for them, Spectrum has an economical counterpart for the TV plans. These are those Spectrum TV essentials, Spectrum TV stream, and Spectrum TV choice. These are three low-cost streaming options for the customers to choose from. This way, the customers can keep themselves entertained no matter where they are. Customers are free to compare Spectrum select channel list or the channel list of silver and gold with their streaming services options and then decide which streaming service option they wish to go ahead with.


If you are already engaging the services of Spectrum Internet services and are contemplating opting for an IPTV service, check out the Spectrum streaming services. The Spectrum streaming services can allow you to get the benefits of being able to access all your favorite channels but at much lower rates.


The different Spectrum streaming plans


Spectrum TV choice

Spectrum TV choice offers subscribers ways to tailor their own entertainment plan according to their needs and preferences. Along with the major broadcast networks that are included as a part of almost all the packages, their customers are allowed to select ten networks of their choice from a variety of options. All of this the customer can avail for a meager price of $25 per month. This price holds for a period of 24 months, after which the existing standard rates kick in.


Spectrum TV stream

Spectrum TV stream has a premade channel lineup that comprises 25 prominent networks and includes NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox. There are a few other American favorites that are available with Spectrum TV stream. These include FX, Comedy Central, HGTV, and A&E. This second tier of Spectrum TV plan is available for the customers for less than $25 a month.


Spectrum TV essentials

This is possibly the lowest TV streaming service from Spectrum. It only costs the customer $15 every month. This has been received as a delightful surprise by the customers of Spectrum Internet service who are not opting for a TV service. If you look at the price point, the channel lineup that is being offered by the Spectrum TV essentials package is humongous. Sixty tiles are a part of this package, and it contains channels pertaining to news, kids, entertainment as well as lifestyle. What more could you want for $15 a month?


Channel lineup in case of Spectrum TV service


Spectrum TV choice channels

Spectrum TV choice allows its customers to opt for 15 different networks from these 65 networks available on the menu.

  • Popular broadcast TV favorites like CBS, NBC, ABC, etc
  • The most popular cable networks like Bravo, TNT, MTV, hallmark, discovery, etc
  • Sports networks like Fox Sports 1, NBC Sports Network, NFL Network, etc
  • Premium entertainment acts which include Showtime, TMC, HBO Max, etc


Spectrum TV stream and essentials channels

In the case of Spectrum TV essentials and Spectrum TV stream, neither of them has the option to include sports programs. These two Spectrum streaming services are ideal for individuals who like to enjoy their downtime with themselves and do not wish to spend a lot on a channel lineup. If you are not interested in sports, this is the right package for you. Some of the channels included in Spectrum TV stream and essentials are Animal Planet, access TV, BBC America, cheddar, discovery, Game Show Network, hallmark, lifetime movie network, Outdoor Channel, etc. Whatever you need, Spectrum is here to fulfill your demands.


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