A Comprehensive Guide to DDoS-Protected Dedicated Servers

Jean J. Sanders
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Ideally, a dedicated hosting service gives access to the entire server meant for your business, website and application. However, in some instances, the security of such servers becomes a significant concern, and one of the most famous reasons for this is a DDoS attack. 

This can tamper with the quality of the network, making the user incapable of using resources like CPU, storage, RAM, and other network resources. So, before you choose the best DDoS-protected dedicated servers for your web hosting services, you should know what the term means and how it can give your website ultimate protection. 

What is a DDoS Attack? 

These attacks mainly hamper the normal functioning of a dedicated server. They also disrupt the regular network, service, and traffic by overloading the target or its infrastructure with heavy traffic. 

The DDoS attack is mainly undertaken to attack the victim’s server in the following situations: 

  1. The attacker may find a bug or some weakness and install the software to disrupt the service.
  2. Some DDoS attacks may damage the resources or the entire bandwidth of the victim’s system. 

Understanding DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers  

Generally, DDoS protected dedicated server hosting protects the hosting server. It is responsible for protecting your website from malicious attacks, which, if unnoticed, can cause website crashes, leading to high financial losses. A DDoS-protected dedicated server is ideal for online stores, e-commerce, and gaming sites more vulnerable to DDoS attacks. 

Process of DDoS Protection 

Various measures have been taken to protect dedicated servers, especially from DDoS attacks. Most are caused by intruders who attempt to give the victim unauthorised access to the dedicated server hosting. 

Some of the most used DDoS protection mechanisms are: 

  • Prevention Techniques 

Prevention is always better; this applies to a dedicated server hosting with DDoS protection. Some of the most common methods are to use filters such as: 

  1. Ingress Filtering 
  2. Egress Filtering
  3. Route-based distributed packet filtering 
  4. Secure Overlay Services 

Some of the other DDoS protected dedicated server prevention techniques include changing the IP addresses, applying security patches, disabling IP broadcast and unused services and load balancing. Even though the best DDoS protected dedicated servers protection mechanism cannot remove the risks of DDoS attacks on a dedicated server, it does improve the security to an exceptional level. 

  • Detection Techniques 

This method of a DDoS dedicated server protection helps the victims avoid the spread of DDoS attacks and prevents the servers from crashing. Some of the standard methods are: 

  1. Anomaly detection method 
  2. Running a scalable network monitoring system 
  3. Packet sampling and filtering techniques 
  • Response to Detection 

When your dedicated server is under a significant DDoS attack, your immediate task would be to block the attack and trace the attacker to discover the true identity. It can be done in two major ways, either automatically or manually, using the access control list.  


One of the most significant threats that can ever happen to a network is DDoS attacks. Choosing a web hosting provider that provides the ultimate DDoS dedicated server protection is highly recommended. Implementing advanced security measures becomes very important when it comes to dedicated server solutions, so always choose DDoS protected dedicated hosting servers that can spot and prevent attacks before they inflict any damage. 

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