The Dangers of Online Gaming (Ultimate Guide)

In this digital age, even gaming has been digitized. Various games can be accessed and enjoyed by children online. Free or paid, like in traditional gaming, such online/video games come in different forms – from adventure simulation mobile app games to interactive video games to equipment-operated online gaming. With the […]

Why It’s Important to Have a Secure WiFi Network

Thinking about switching to a secure WiFi network? Here are a few reasons why it is really important! In today’s day and age, where we’re becoming over-reliant on technology, it’s even more important to secure every facet of our digital presence. Data security is an ever-evolving field of interest and […]

What is Bitly & How Does It Work? –

Jean J. Sanders

We see Bitly links every day. To prove this decided to perform a quick experiment where I would scroll my social media to see how long it would take for me to come across a Bitly link. It took me a whole 10 seconds…… Some website links or URLs (uniform […]

What Digital Marketing Agencies Can Do?

Jean J. Sanders

What can digital marketing agencies do? Digital Marketing is an approach that has the goal of reaching, targeting, and building relationships with potential clients over a wide scope of various online channels. Digital marketing includes the following strategies: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid Search, […]