Android 13 is Landing on Your TV

Jean J. Sanders

Android TV logo.

Android 13 has been available in a handful of phones from makers like Google, OnePlus, and Samsung for some time now, but being Android, it’ll naturally make its way to lots of other devices as well. It’s next stop? It’ll soon arrive on your smart TV as well.

Google has announced that its Android TV OS, on which Android TV and Google TV smart streaming dongles and TVs run, is getting an update to version 13, just like smartphones did. Not a lot is changing on your TV as a result of this upcoming update, though, as this is mostly a backend update and most of the changes are not user-facing. Still, we have a few changes that should optimize your experience all around.

For starters, Android 13 will let you change the default refresh rate and resolution on supported HDMI source devices, like streaming sticks, in order to streamline your playback experience. We also have a handful of new APIs, and improvements to others, that should make your playback experience even smoother than ever before.

This new release can now be installed on the Android TV emulator as well as on Google’s dev-first ADT-3 streaming device kit. For availability on your TV, you should keep an eye out for an announcement coming from your TV maker.

Source: Google

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